Boston Spa – Bedale, Tue 7th September 2021, 70 miles

Arriving first at the Boston Spa church I sat there for a few minutes thinking is anyone else coming and then Frank arrived. We both waited and knowing we were meeting Nick en route thought we better get going but suddenly a late comer as Kenn arrived (alias Electro Man).

We set off over the Wharfe and up Wood Lane to join the Walton road into Wetherby where met Nick on the A168. Our journey took us to Boroughbridge, but I have to report the TTT up the A168 needed a lot more polish. We decided to see if it was possible to get through Dishforth to the roundabout above the A168 by the Rainton turning, however the road ran out and our enquiries at the Airbase were politely rebuffed and thankfully the soldier with the machine gun resisted demoing it to us. Club membership is not that big that we could afford to lose anyone.

Back we went and onto the much-loved A168 and then Rainton and over the A1. All seemed well until Kenn had a mechanical with his chain getting totally jammed between his cassette and spokes. On inspection, he had a bent hanger and after quite a while the chain was eventually freed with the instruction to stay away from the low cassette gear to avoid a repeat. We rolled onto the Melmerby cafe for some excellent food and recovery . It appears the boys knew the lady cyclists who arrived shortly after us from Thirsk. Either that or their chat-up lines were far superior.

We picked up the pace to Bedale and avoided the Tuesday market day shopping heading straight to the Station Cafe. Service and food was excellent with beans on toast with an egg being the favourite. We set off back planning to go via Thorpe Perrow and Well. All seemed “well “ no pun intended as I lead out of Bedale on the Masham road. Through the roadworks lights up the drag and on when my phone rang. Too late to answer (Frank’s phone went straight to voicemail when I rang )and realising no one was with me turned back thinking there was a problem, couldn’t see any of them and thinking I had taken the wrong turning went down the brown signposted lane to Thorpe Perrow Arboretum, suffice to say they hadn’t gone that way as the road became a rough track, Nick then rang to see where I was and said we would meet up at the Snape turning, he also asked had I taken the Firby road. Back I went to the Masham road and this time turned to Firby thinking this was the route he meant, Wrong, again ended up going back to the Masham road. To say the least, I was perplexed thinking which way had they gone as the normal route was the Masham road and a left to Well. How had I missed them? I finally caught up with them at Well, and well knackered, I expressed my apologies for the delay. At which point the real tail emerged, they had tried to ring to say Kenn had gone a totally different way and they had gone back to find him. A real Comedy of Errors!

Surprised I didn’t qualify for the Local Legend for the Tour of Bedale! I think Kenn needs Sat Nav 😀 All back together and on we finally went towards Ripon via Thornton Conyers where Kenn turned up the wattage and I was well out the back. The Sun Parlour cafe had closed, well time had gone on, and after refreshments in the marketplace we headed back via Bishop Monkton where poor Kenn then had cleat problems, thankfully a quick tightening and we were onto Knaresborough and Wetherby and home. Said our goodbyes and thanks to Frank and Nick for their patience and a great but extended ride.Ps. Hope you remembered to get the salad items for tea Nick. 😀

Steve B