Bramham-Wheldrake, Sat 4th September 2021, 48 miles

We had received apologies from Phil and Mark and there were no guest appearances from the Thursday/Sunday riders so we were down to the three remaining regulars (Pete C, Darren and Keith (me)).

We headed off up the hill and past the Swan – which is normally the end point for Keith and Darren but they resisted temptation and so headed on through Stutton, Ulleskelf and Cawood before arriving at Riccall. As we left Riccall, we rode on what was probably the smoothest tarmac any of us had ever come across but then switched to the cycle path at the side of the A19 which wasn’t.

We turned left just before Barlby onto the A163. The 2 miles on the main road were uneventful until 100m from our turn when a mini forced through between our single line of cyclists and a lorry coming the other way. Judging by the flashing headlights and horn, the lorry driver was not impressed but neither were we.

Having turned left, the road was quiet and we were cracking along until Pete got a puncture. The repair would win no prizes for speed but it wasn’t helped by us having three pumps but only one that was actually working. After that, it was plain sailing to Wheldrake while admiring some fine houses along the way.

We stopped at the coffee shop on the edge of Wheldrake – we have been before so we knew this was a good one. In fact, Pete was about to order seconds when Keith decided it was time to start moving again.

The route back was through Crockey Hill, across the river at Naburn and then on through Appleton Roebuck, Bolton Percy, Tadcaster and Clifford back to Bramham shortly after 13:00. Another very enjoyable ride!