Boston Spa – Bubwith – Howden, Tue 24 August 2021, 60 miles

Eight of us arrived in good time at Boston Spa church, Nick, Pete C (recovering from his shoulder injury), Mark, Frank, Bill, Steve P, Steve W and me Steve B. Too many pesky Steve’s.We set off via Tadcaster to join the A162. Who should be coming the other way but Pete Dack, ships passing at night or in this case in the day. He had only time for a short spin 😀.

We took the turning to Ulleskelf and continued at a brisk pace. Pete C having his first ride since his scapula break peeled off to return not wanting to overdo it, we all wished him well and set off towards Ryther, Cawood and Stillingfleet. In between gasping for breath, it gave me the chance to ask Mark (languishing at the rear as usual) about his cheese making and which milks he used. I listened as he expounded which milk suited soft cheeses and hard cheeses and whether raw milk was best. I hear you yawning so moving on.

We crossed the A19 to Escrick and travelled south to Skipwith, Steve W setting a demanding pace ( thinking he was with the Thursday group), we turned for Bubwith with the thoughts of coffee in our minds at which point Frank demonstrated his skill at being on the front on arrival ensuring he was first in the queue.

Our usual cafe the Jug and Bottle supplied us the necessary pick me ups although not everyone had cake. Bubwith the village name is a Scandinavian male name – Bubba wood and is listed as Bobewyth in the 11th-century accounts at Selby Abbey.

No time to dawdle, Frank had finished first and was ready for the off and onto Howden for lunch. Howden is a market and minster town with Royal links back to 959AD.

Lunch was taken at the aptly named Graham’s bakery where we sat outside. The conversations covered aero wheels, tubeless tyres and their psi, due to weight and girth it was suggested mine were probably 120psi, even though 90 should be more than sufficient. I showed Steve P the toothpaste tube wrappers I carried in emergency for a damaged tyre, to the cry of preferring Colgate to Crest!

We leave Howden on the worst surface road imaginable and thankfully turn onto lovely smooth tarmac heading to Selby. I had said to Steve W that I had been told that aero wheels come into their own from 17 mph upwards after which he needed no further encouragement than to drive the group along “full gas”. Thankfully we got a breather at Selby while the lights were at red.

From there onto Wistow, Cawood and Ulleskelf. Frank following a comfort break for us all gave us a pep talk on the forthcoming Sunday ride to Rosedale, not sure if he was trying to drum up support or frighten us.

At the junction with the A162 Steve P left us to ride home to Garforth and on arriving at Tadcaster Steve W turned off to fit in an extra few miles before Boston Spa. The rest of us rode to Boston Spa directly where we said our goodbyes to make our way home.

Thanks to Frank for a cracking ride and the kind weather and his firm control of the Group.😀

Steve B