Wetherby – Fridaythorpe, Thu 19th August 2021, 90 miles

Eleven Wheelers set off from the Town Hall heading for Fridaythorpe, consisting of, in no particular order, Mark, Graham, Nick, Pete D, Michael, Sean, Mike, Mick, Dennis, Greg and myself Steve W.

With a pleasant average temperature of 18C and a 5 mph westerly wind, we headed for York.

We needed our eyes on stalks today as the motorists in the city were cutting us up right left and centre.

We safely exited York for a coffee stop at the garden centre near Stockton on Forrest.

I should have left Garmin running after we parked the bikes up, due to what felt like a mile walking around the one-way system to the café.

Tractors were out in force on the next section of road, one nearly squashing Mikes bike after he had put it down in the long grass to help push a trailer to one side which was blocking the road along with the help of 3 other Wheelers.

A nice steady climb up Leavening bank followed, with an even nicer descent into Thixendale.

Interesting fact no. 1, Thixendale:

For many years until the late 1990s, television signals were blocked by the surrounding hills until a small transmitter was built, providing the village with terrestrial television for the first time. The transmitter ceased operation in the early 2000s, with villagers now relying on sat tv and, since 2017, fast broadband.

Onward to Fridaythorpe for lunch at the Seaways café.

Interesting fact No. 2, Fridaythorpe:

The village previously hosted the World Championship Flat Cap Throwing Competition at its summer fete. The championship was last contested in 2014.

From here on towards Meltonby after a superb descent and road through Millington pastures, then the usual way back via Wheldrake, Copmanthorpe to Wetherby and other destinations.

Well done to Mike who got back home in time to swap bikes and join his Thursday MTB group!

Steve W