Wetherby – Millington, Sun 22nd August 2021, 70 miles

This month brings some questionable weather. Yesterday, the Saturday group were unlucky and had to cancel to avoid getting soaked. Today ( Sunday) didn’t look too bad but I took the precaution of carrying a few options of clothing and passed the day taking unnecessary stuff off and forcing it into saddlebag or pockets. Anyway, Simon and I (Nick), rode into Wetherby to meet Frank, Bill and Geoff. Nobody else seemed to be risking it and Frank had an attractive route planned to Millington so we got going. A well known route to Elvington,and after Sutton -upon -Derwent with the rather confusing traffic lights, we crossed the A1079 onto the interestingly named Feofee Common Lane and it’s mate,Feofee Lane. Yapham and Meltonby are nice cycling and then there is the little lane with decent tarmac but midline grass, (always a good combination), which take you from the Pocklington Road towards Millington. The little hill saw Frank and me drop back a bit but not too much and we rolled into Millington to find that the café was not as crowded as usual so we got a good table outside. Service was quick, partly because they hadn’t heated the beans too much but there were no other complaints.
There were some other cyclists there, notably a family consisting of Mum and Dad with three small children. Dad’s bike had a child seat and a “follow on” bike for two of them and Mum had a child seat for the third. They weren’t going all that far but they must have done some hills to get there so we were all impressed. Two wheels good, four wheels bad as George Orwell once said.
Heading back to Pocklington we took the smaller left lane with a climb and descent and then uneventfully back past Allerthorpe ,Melton etc. A pause at Naburn Bridge allowed our photo to be taken by a passer by and then home in time for tea.