Boston Spa – Askern, Tue 17th August 2021, 58 miles

Initially 8 wheelers met for the ride to Askern…Nick, Alec, Michael B, Steve P, Frank, Ken, Bob and Stuart.
Bob explained this was his last ride before driving down to the Dordogne for a 3 week holiday, bike in the boot of course. It was also good to see both Alec and Stuart out after their travels/break. Ken, again, was sporting his new ‘E’ bike.

The weather was kind to the group as the potential drizzle in the morning never materialised.

The normal southerly route to Askern was followed, taking in Bramham, Aberford, Micklefield and Brotherton.
At Beal Church, Frank, Ken, Bob and Stuart departed for a shorter ride home.

The crew pressed on through Kellingley, Cridling Stubbs, Womersley and Little Smeaton. Just after noon the club arrived for lunch in the heart of South Yorkshire, at Askern Lakeside cafe.
Traditionally a mining town, the last pit in Askern closed in 1991.

At Askern cafe, Steve W arrived after travelling solo, direct from Wakefield. The cafe was unusually quiet, contrasting with the usual lively and high-quality conversation within the group. This included a discussion on what was the first-ever music single each member purchased. Interesting responses included Eddie Cochran and Elvis. However, it can be revealed that Max Bygraves was one response but, for various reasons, this member shall remain anonymous.

All 5 then headed north via Selby Road, Norton and Walden Stubbs before picking up the usual route home at Womersley. Steve W then left to cycle direct home to Wakefield.

The group pressed on northwards through Birkin, Hillam, Monk Fryston, South Milford until Sherburn in Elmete where Nick suggested a coffee stop at Penny’s Tea Shop. The group actually arrived as the cafe was closing (closes at 2:00 pm weekdays) but the owner was particularly welcoming and offered a wide selection of cakes. Further lively and entertaining discussion took place including an admission by a club member (anon) of having Viking blood in his veins. This, perhaps, explains the somewhat daring and aggressive approach to cycling on some of the club’s rides.

Refreshed and keen to press on the group travelled past Lotherton to Aberford which was particularly appreciated by myself who left for Garforth.
The club then headed directly home to Boston Spa, via Bramham.

Overall, this was a good turnout by the club, the weather stayed dry and the ride was, thankfully, an uneventful but very pleasant voyage to South Yorkshire and back.

Steve P