Bramham – Snaith, Sat 14 August, 52 miles

There must have been something in the water following Friday 13th as there were only 3 riders who turned out at Bramham War Memorial for the planned 9 am Grand Depart. Having said that Darren had already got in 44 miles by 8.45!! (He was on for his first ton today!!) So at 9.05 (prompt 9 am depart) Keith Robinson Darren Shepherd and myself (Phil Walker) set off for Snaith. Keith had done his Google Maps homework and we were promised an “anti-clockwise” route to that which we’d done a couple of months back. Darren and I shrugged “Whatever, let’s go!” and we were off. At this point, we should both apologise to Keith as we know he’s meticulous in his route planning! Bramham to Sherburn in Elmet was ticked off pretty rapidly despite the brisk south-westerly.

Monk Fryston and Hillam were then ticked off and then on to Gateforth and West Haddersley. We then crossed the Shelby Canal and then cross country via some great cycling byways to Temple Horst beside the meandering River Aire. We then joined the busy road south at Carlton passing Carlton Towers (Cara Beer-Magoolagan/Rach Beer-Magoolagan) and crossed the River Aire via the steel girded bridge just north of Snaith. (Hmmm maybe we should take on Iron-Bru at our coffee stop?)

We took on huge SLABS of cake from The Kitchen in Snaith with coffee to wash down our hard-earned cakes whilst sat on a bench outside the fire station. (No room for Iron-Bru!!)

So refreshed (?!) we headed home back through Carlton and on to Brayton and then to Cawood. Cawood to Ryther and Uleskelf and back up everyone’s “favourite” road back (roll-on cold winter headwind days – though the wind direction today did remind us of what was in store in the not too distant future!) to the main road back towards Taddy. By this time Keith and I had had more than enough and turned up the bank via Stutton and gone to Bramham, some 52 miles at circa 16mph.

Onward solo went Darren to get in his first ton…….Yes Keith and I should’ve chaperoned him but we had both admitted defeat to those extra 4.5 miles!! Not very sportsmanlike!!) The good news is he done it ! 101.36 miles at an average speed of 16.4 mph…… yes Keith and I had slowed him down!

Chappeau Darren. Time to join a faster-paced club!