Wetherby – Skipton, Thu 12 August 2021, 70 miles

Lead by Graham with Mike, Sean, Mark and Greg. Dennis and Mick would have been with us but for a pesky mechanical.

Another super Thursday ride that dispensed quickly with the roads well-travelled through Sicklinghall, Weeton, Otley, Ilkely, then on to Addingham and the very fine Ginger Plum Coffee Shop. Unfortunately, Sean and Mark had to leave the group here (but not before the coffee and cake – of course), Sean to Skipton by the shortest route to find a replacement for his worryingly de-laminating rear tyre.

Graham, Mike and I set off up the A6034, took a dog-leg north of Silsdon onto Cringles Lane and headed to the steep hilly terrain through Lothersdale via Cononley, on through Eslack and down to Broughton Hall Estate where the old stone bridge over the Beck was closed for major repairs. Fortunately, but as Graham knew beforehand, we could take the lovely road through the Estate, past Broughton Hall, out onto the A59 for a short sprint to Skipton and a perfectly timed rendezvous with Sean.

As our usual preferred lunchtime venue, The Coffee Mill was closed we had to make do with the nearby Bean Loved cafe. The others seemed to enjoy their food; I didn’t ‘love’ my bijou pot of roasted beans.With a tail wind most of the way we flew home at a cracking pace via Draughton, Bolton Bridge ……. In summary a ride of interesting new roads and hills (for me anyway), fine weather and good company. Sorry no pics this week.