Boston Spa – Bolton Bridge, Tue 10th August 2021, 62 miles

Frank chose the ride to Bolton Bridge for the Tuesday ride and a very good choice it turned out to be with a slight westerly headwind going out and a strengthening wind to blow us home. Setting off from Boston Spa were Frank, Nick, Mark, Steve (Slim), Ken and Bob (Ken’s neighbour). Frank had arranged to meet Clive and me (Bill) at Linton and the group arrive right on time to collect us at 9:40.

The ride proceeded up through Sicklinghall at a leisurely pace and followed the usual route to Castley. We took the flatter route to Otley via Pool to conserve battery power for Ken’s E-bike as it was struggling on the hills. High traffic volumes at Otley put our route back onto the minor roads through Askwith, Ilkley, Nesfield and Beamsley, arriving at Bolton Bridge shortly after mid-day where we enjoyed lunch in the sunshine in the garden of the Abbey Tea Rooms. Over lunch, it was decided that the group should split with Frank, Steve, Ken and Bob taking the flatter route home via the main road to Ilkley and Otley. This decision was taken to conserve the dwindling battery power of Ken’s E-bike.

Nick, Mark, Clive and myself took the usual route back via Nesfield, Farnley, Weeton and Kirby Overblow. Clive is the only rider I know, who has fewer gears on his bike than his Dad, Frank. This did not hinder him in the least and he stayed with the pace on the hills and the flat, at times going to the front and pulling the group along at a very respectable clip which got us back to Linton Springs in well under two hours.

In summary, it was an extremely enjoyable day out and hope our two new prospective members, Clive and Bob will join us for another ride soon.