Boston Spa – Allerthorpe, Tue 3 August 2021, 68 miles

A fine clear morning brought together a group of eight riders intending to ride to(wards) Allerthorpe. Assembled at St Mary’s Church were Frank, Pete D, Kenn, Bob, Sean, Steve B and me, Mark – we would be joined at the south end of Rudgate by Nick.

We pedalled down, over the bridge and up to Walton, turning towards Tadcaster where we picked up Nick who was waiting for us along Wighill Lane. Passing through Tadcaster we had the first of several splits, first dropping Kenn at the traffic lights and then abandoning Steve when made a comfort stop. We all got together again before we reached Bolton Percy and thoughts (especially Sean’s) turned to coffee. The plan was to stop at Crockey Hill, which didn’t seem to be favoured for coffee but at least it would be open. Except it wasn’t. Heads were scratched as alternatives were contemplated. Sean decided that since has had intended to turn at the coffee stop anyway he would head to Cycle Heaven, leaving the rest of us to continue through Wheldrake to a stop at Rebecca’s Kitchen where all the other rejects from Crockey were gathered. A quick coffee from a machine and we were on our way again, just in time to save Pete from buying a van from the yard next door.

Through Elvington, over the river and through the woods took us to the café at Allerthorpe which was busy but not too crowded. Nick offered a tenner for anyone who would ride their bike to the end of the pier but there were no takers – riding out and back would be easy, turning around at the end would not.

We returned through Melbourne and over the river at Sutton Upon Derwent, then Elvington and Weldrake again. Pete split at Escrick to take a more suitable way home for him, the rest crossing over the Ouse on the cycle path at Naburn and then to our final stop at Little Acorns in Copmanthorpe. Kenn and Bob didn’t stop, having more urgent matters to attend to at home, but the rest of us enjoyed sitting in the sun with drinks and cakes. Or a colossal sausage roll in Steve’s case.

Nick and Steve separated at Walton, leaving only me and Frank to complete the return to the start point at the church.

A pleasant excursion – I’m sure I wasn’t alone in being happy with a less incident-packed ride than last week…