Bramham – Fountains Abbey, Sat 17th July 2021, 53 miles

It was an early start at the War Memorial for Darren (on an impressive new Planet X bike), Keith (me), Phil and Sean. Unfortunately, these early starts seem to bring problems – I spotted a slow puncture just as we were about to set off. After a quick bike swap onto my heavy winter bike which wasn’t ideal for the already hot day, we headed through Wetherby, Knaresborough, Burton Leonard and Markington. It was a morning to admire the scenery and speculate over why chinos, striped shirt and straw hats form the mandatory dress code when gardening. We arrived at the Sun Parlour cafe in Ripon for our coffee stop just before hordes of other cyclists arrived. Kudos to the café for proactively offering to fill water bottles!

We came back through Boroughbridge with some discussion about the buildings that Sean spotted on the right of the road coming through Langthorpe. Keith speculated that it was the (defunct) Boroughbridge Brewery but being unable to ride and google simultaneously was not able to confirm (now confirmed to be the erstwhile Warwick’s Anchor Brewery). From Boroughbridge we were on the familiar back road through the Dunsforths. Sean suffered a wasp sting going through Great Ouseburn but, other than that it was an uneventful ride – and we were back in Bramham at 1305 so just about on target.