Wetherby – Bolton Bridge, 8 July 2021, 70-100 miles

A football team sized turn out on a pleasant summers day for a ride up the Wharfe: Mike B, Steve W, Mark, Gregg, newby Mick, Nick, Sean, Steve P, Geoff, Fred, Pete D and stand in ride leader myself Michael B.Splitting into two groups we headed for Cockpit Farm cafe in Burley in Wharfedale via Beckwithshaw and Norwood Hill.

Birthday boy Geoff (49 again – he loves those square numbers) kindly bought the coffees which were enjoyed at outside tables. Fred missed these having peeled off at Leathley and Mark headed back from Cockpit. The A group enquired about the route to Bolton Bridge. They politely listened as I explained it was a loop straight up the Chevin from Burley, continuing up to Dick Hudson’s, dropping down to East Morton only to go straight up and down to Silsden then up and down to Bolton Bridge. At least one of them said they understood the route so our B group waved them off and enjoyed a lovely rolling run up to Barden Tower and along the back road to Bolton Bridge. The A group were seated as B group arrived; when asked they politely said they enjoyed the route, not sure what they said when I went to order lunch.

Efficient service saw us turned around for a wind assisted eastward route home taking in Leathley, Stainburn and the Crag. Chapeau to the Garforth two who clocked around 95-100 lumpy miles and thanks to all for putting up with a supply ride leader.

Michael Br