Wetherby – Ripon, 4th July 2021, 43 miles

On a warm Sunday morning four Wheelers mustered in the Shambles: Simon, Graham, Frank ( sporting a splendid Lance Armstrong era Motorola top) and myself Michael B. Thundery showers were forecast later in the day so we headed to Ripon with fingers crossed. The scenic A168 took us to Boroughbridge then the Ripon road through Skelton and Bridge Hewick and a final Frank detour via Sharow before we crossed the Ure and alighted in sunshine at the Spa Gardens.
Coffee and cake dispatched Graham returned south leaving Frank/Lance, Simon and myself to ride south west through Studley Royal and Fountains Abbey. Lance agreed Texas did not have this kind of thing. Burton Leonard and Knaresborough brought us to the Wetherby road where Simon peeled off leaving Frank/Lance and myself to peer at looming black clouds with concern. As we entered Wetherby raindrops began and we put on rain jackets. Frank/Lance assured me this would stop the rain and sure enough it did! Frank/Lance headed to Boston Spa and I took the A58 to Leeds. As I rode through Scarcroft, around the time Frank/Lance would have arrived home, the heavens opened at I got drenched.