Wetherby – Thirsk, 20th June 2021, 72 miles

Almost the longest day and a dodgy weather forecast. Furthermore, the destination wasn’t too exciting- I mean, Easingwold in the middle of June! This was because when the runs card was planned last November ,we were expecting to do the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride on Saturday and this would have been a bit of a rest day. But the GYBR was cancelled ,of course.

Being a little short of time in the morning, I arranged for Simon and me to meet the peleton on the A168. Actually ,we had time to cycle right in to Wetherby and met the peleton. The peleton consisted of Frank. Just Frank. We wondered what had deterred anyone else but at least Geoff had said to meet us in E’wold. We took the Raskelf road and found Geoff who was proudly flying the flag for the Land of his Fathers wearing a jersey with a big red dragon on front and back. We had a coffee and Frank had a big breakfast and cake to sustain him on the way home since he was going back on his own for domestic duties.

So we are down to three again, but the weather looked ok and we went Husthwaite, Coxwold, Byland Abbey, Kilburn ,Thirsk. All nice roads. With outdoor tables from all the cafés, Thirsk could have been in Brittany except for the overpowering odour of vinegar from the chippie. As we left, Geoff had a message from Bob who had been out on an Audax on Saturday but still had the legs to come and met us. Back up to four again. Home via Topcliffe for a welcome change and all back in time for some TV footy or Father’s Day greetings from family, or both

Nick Hopkinson