Wetherby – Pateley Bridge, 13th June 2021

With the promise of a nice sunny day, Pateley Bridge is an attractive destination, not one of the longest but with a bit of climbing involved. Six riders turned up at the start with a rare but welcome appearance by Brendan, along with Bill, Frank, Graham, Fred and me (Nick). Brendan and Fred were soon well out in front as we rolled through K’bro to Ripley where the climbing starts.

Approaching Brimham Rocks those two turned off for a shorter ride as they had initially intended, and the remaining four took the ups and downs to Pateley, detouring a little near the end to see if the café at the Mart was open. It was, sort of, so we had lunch in the sunshine whilst Frank reminded us that we were going up the Yorke’s Folly climb after a very short distance…

It’s quite a challenging climb,( I thought so anyway), but good fun and rewarding. Thanks to Frank’s lack of low gears, Bill and I were up first and Graham had stuck with Frank, giving us a little photo opportunity. The photo doesn’t show the incline because I was lying in the road to give my legs a rest. Only kidding, -I thought it would make a better shot. There were no serious hills after that but much talk of football on TV when we got home.

Nick Hopkinson