Wetherby – Pocklington, 23rd May 2021, 76 miles

8 riders set off from Wetherby, having decided on a totally different destination to the listed ride destination of Skipton, mainly due to weather considerations. After a big roundabout near York the group momentarily split up with Frank, Geoff, Dennis and Simon heading down a one way slip road in a completely different direction to the others. Frank having realised he’d gone wrong turned round and decided to cycle back up against oncoming cars who weren’t too happy. Luckily he came to no harm but was wearing his WW top so Nick, expect a phone call tomorrow from one of the aforesaid irate motorists. Hopefully not though! 

We carried on through picturesque villages to Bubwith and luckily the lady was just opening the cafe there for cake and hot drinks. Frank and Bill left us shortly after to head home as “they had things to do”. Hopefully not housework! We then did a big loop to Pocklington for a late lunch, but not before Simon had his first puncture near Londesborough. Lunch hit the spot for me with a ‘healthy’ full English breakfast and tea, all for £6.50.

We then headed to York but not before Simon had his second puncture which Bob diagnosed as being due to the brake block rubbing against the tyre wall. At least another pleasant place to stop again, this time in Fangfoss, a very ancient village which sounds to me a bit Viking. Then into York after Stamford Bridge, Rufforth, Tockwith to drop off Nick and Simon then home to Knaresborough and Harrogate for me Bob and Dennis and big miles for Greg who had to get back to Leeds.

A long day in the saddle with 90 miles for me and the bonus of no rain.

Geoff Morgan