Bramham – Gateforth, 15th May 2021, 45 miles

A depleted Saturday crew met at Bramham War Memorial – just Darren, Phil, Stuart and Keith. Prayers to the weather god (aka Paul Hudson) had been made but the expectation was for rain so the proposed route had plenty of opportunities to cut short if needed.  We had no destination – just the aim of riding for the morning in good company – and hopefully dry conditions.

We headed out through Thorner then Scholes admiring the earthworks for the new East Link Orbital Road. There is an impressive web-site ( and good to see that the new road will have a segregated cycle path. Going through Garforth, there was more traffic so Keith wasn’t happy – not helped when Phil pointed out that Keith was the route planner!

We continued through Kippax, Great Preston and Allerton Bywater before a very pleasant stretch alongside Fairburn Ings. It had started to rain gently but the idea of cutting short was out of the question so we passed through Gateforth and Thorpe Willoughby as we made our way to Cawood. Finally making our way back through Ulleskelf, Stutton before reaching Bramham just in time for an impatient driver to attempt to take out Stuart near the church and just before the heavens opened.

Music had been a topic of conversation during the morning with a few recommendations coming up – perhaps this could become a regular part of the Ride Report? Anyway, the recommendations were:

  • Big Star – September Gurl
  • The Jayhawks – Tailspin
  • Darlene Love – Who Under Heaven
  • Willie Nile – Love Is A Train

All worth a listen and all on Spotify!

Keith Robinson