Boston Spa – Arkendale, 4th May 2021, 40 miles

After ten minutes out with Danny the Collie in the weather at 7.30 I had decided that today wasn’t good for a ride but when I phoned Frank to say I wasn’t coming, he persuaded me by arranging to meet me on Rudgate. At the rendezvous I wasn’t too surprised to see Frank on his own- it’s not the first time after all. Because there were just two of us I’ll keep it brief. OK?

Cattal- Whixley- B’bridge Road past Little Ouseburn- left towards Marton -cum -Grafton, Arkendale, Ferrensby, Knaresborough and home. That’s about it except for two highlights. Good coffee and cake in the pleasant surroundings of Knaresborough riverside and then the gentle breeze which had slowed us almost to a standstill on the way out was now right behind us, so we were home in record time, laughing all the way.

Nick Hopkinson

P.S You don’t need a photo of Frank and me.