Boston Spa – Pateley Bridge, 20th April 2021, 60 miles

The magnificent seven, Mark, Alex, Frank, Bill, Geoff, Nick and yours truly PD, congregated at Boston Spa gossiping and waiting for any latecomers to arrive but never did. So off our merry band went towards Wetherby, steady but strangely quiet in the bright sunshine but chilly air.

Knaresborough was our first objective at a steady pace followed by Scotton and Breaton before heading towards Ripley.

At All Saints Church Ripley the merry band split into two groups three heading for coffee and sustenance, Frank, Alex and Bill, before returning homewards. The remaining four continued towards Pateley Bridge.

Geoff took control of the route and we headed, mostly it seemed climbing, towards Brimham Rocks before dropping down through Smelthouses and joining the main B6165 through Glasshouses.

Once again we began climbing steadily towards our destination Pateley Bridge and some well deserved refreshment. A cafe was decided upon just before the bridge, but not before Geoff’s nose had detected a strong smell of warm pork pies coming from a butchers on the main street. Guess what Geoff had for lunch, sorry no prizes for getting the correct answer.

Once fully fed, watered and bladders emptied the decision was made to turn back down the valley towards Burnt Yates to avoid coronaries for the older members by going up the Old Folly road.

Burnt Yates was followed by a joint decision, probably influenced by the warm weather and not alcohol, to turn left and head for Bishop Monkton and Knaresborough.

Geoff left us for home in Knaresborough and some grub before meeting Bob for a few pints at the pub, lucky sod.

The three musketeers continued on towards Wetherby, Nick heading off home depleting the group further to Mark and yours truly who followed Mark at a rapid rate of Knots into Wetherby were we parted ways.

A good day was had by the Pateley guys but I cannot comment on the three who left us at Ripley, so if you want to know how they faired you will have to ask them.

Pete Dack