Bramham – Birkin, 17th April 2021, 38 miles

Five Wheelers out in the bright spring sunshine this morning: Keith, Pete C, Darren, Phil and me, Mark. Two riders turned up in shorts, despite the low temperature – perhaps tellingly they had ridden only about 200 yards to the start. After a short discussion and a route description from Keith we set off up the drag across the A64 and south through Aberford and Micklefield before a loop through Ledsham and Ledston and across to Fairburn alongside the Ings which looked fine in the bright sun.

The lead was casually shared and we made good time through Byram to Birkin and the cafe at the Fisheries. It was busy with cyclists and anglers but not unpleasantly so and everyone was in a good mood. We ordered various drinks and some snacks which arrived promptly until they got to Pete’s hot chocolate order, which seemed to cause a delay of several weeks for some reason. Or it could have been the ginormous breakfast order for six just before. Four of us sat well-spaced at a bench while Darren stood up, which he claimed he didn’t mind. We weren’t offended.

Fortified, we set off back through Monk Fryston, Sherburn in Elmet, Saxton and Towton. By this time the peloton was somewhat less organised, a combination of tired legs, hills and the rider on the front not paying attention (guilty as charged 😁). We rolled back into Bramham having covered 38 miles at a faster-then-a-Saturday-average pace.

Mark Lawrence