Boston Spa – Bedale, 13th April 2021, 70 miles

A party of 6 left Boston Spa and headed towards Bedale in dry and sunny, but chilly conditions. John Baker initially rode with the team but left after an hour and was subsequently replaced by Mark, later in the ride.

The group headed through Boroughbridge and Rayton, then stopped for coffee at the BLT cafe in Melmerby, where new owners had just taken over, and gave a very warm welcome. Lunch was taken at the “Station Cafe” in Bedale, this was a great choice by Frank…tuna sandwiches were a popular choice.

After lunch Snape, Well and Thornborough were passed and, at Hutton Counters, Frank cunningly led the group eastwards to successfully avoid rain clouds looming in the west. Just short of Walshford, Steve Pearson’s tyre problem re-emerged. With full support of the group Nick offered to cycle home and return to drive Steve all the way home to Garforth. Steve is extremely grateful of the support and, especially, Nick’s efforts.

It was a good training ride, enjoyed by all, amounting to approximately 70 miles.

Steve “Spoons” Pearson