Wetherby – Pocklington, 4th April 2021, 150km (for Bob)

Wetherby Wheelers Club Run Report Sun 4 April 2021 (Easter Sunday), report by Bob Johnson.

A bright and frosty morning saw only four of us gather at the Shambles. Perhaps there were more important things to do, such as eating chocolate; or did another group appear at 09:30, forgetting that this was the first Sunday ride of the summer schedule?
Howden was a questionable destination with 20mph west winds forecast, but hey-ho. By the time we had crossed the Derwent at Bubwith it was evident that the wind was still increasing, so we diverted via Foggathorpe & Seaton Ross, heading to Allerthorpe Lakes. We opined that their definition of providing only takeaway food was circumspect, but as bacon & egg rolls were on offer…

Geoff led the way out of Pocklington, but after we had retraced to the correct road (!), the three-hour slog into the relentless headwind got underway. Interspersed only by a visitation and a brief refreshment stop at Beninborough. 150km overall for me, which felt quite enough for my rough winter legs.

Bob Johnson

Attendees: Nick Hopkinson, Geoff Morgan, Mark Lawrence, myself