Boston Spa – Pocklinton, 30th March 2021, 80ish miles

On a beautiful, warm and sunny Spring day 8 WW’s set off from Boston Spa, Mark, Steve W, Pete D and myself forming one group and Nick, Pete G, Pete C and Alec forming the other group. Most of us were on our summer bikes for the first time for some months, having dusted off the cobwebs. Nick’s group passed us at the “fisherman” bridge track, my group being busy with wardrobe and saddle adjustments.

My group arrived at Allerton Lakeland Park but where were the others? Anyway after a good lunch overlooking the lake, watching people enjoy themselves on and in the waters, we came across the others at Pocklington. We later met up at Little Acorns cafe at Copmanthorpe for tiffin ( think “Carry on up the Khyber”) then home.

A great day out and big mileage.