Wetherby – Bubwith, 27th December 2020, 65 miles

Three Wheelers – Bob, Geoff and me, Mark – started from Wetherby on a cold, bright morning. After discussing possibilities and trying to co-ordinate with other members over WhatsApp, one of whom was still in bed it seemed, we decided to stick with the published destination and headed towards Bubwith, meeting up with Steve W in Wheldrake along the way. Unfortunately, despite being surrounded by sign proclaiming it was open every day, the Jug and Bottle was very much closed so we pressed on to the garden centre at Osgodby where we took lunch seated at four separate tables within reasonable shouting distance.

After lunch we went towards Selby and on the approach my freehub decided it didn’t want to play any more and locked solid. The cause was the cassette working loose and then locking itself back on with a crossed thread, pressed against the fork. So I could wheel the bike but only if the quick-release wasn’t fastened. Despite heroic efforts by Bob some excellent Googling by Steve resulted in them finding an open bike shop in Selby – which turned out to be only a café. The next option was Halfords so once again the others rode ahead while I walked towards the town but in the end, with cold and dark approaching I decided to call home and request a rescue. Not my finest moment but I’ll be jumping up and down on the cassette locking tool to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Mark Lawrence