Wetherby – Boroughbridge, 31st December 2020, 57 miles

The Thursday New Year’s Eve ride, saw Mike Bosomworth and myself (Graham) as the only two Wheelers brave or stupid enough to go out in the frosty conditions. We headed as planned for Thirsk and kept to the main roads which took us up the 168 to Boroughbridge and then Topcliffe. The weather was absolutely beautiful with clear blue skies all day. We bought lunch from Plenty in the market place and found the bus stop to be the sunniest and driest spot to eat it. We debated whether or not to try returning through Sessay and decided to give it a go. That was a mistake as the road was still frosty in the shade and so we turned off in Dalton and headed back to the safety of the main road in Topcliffe.  We now had the low sun in our faces and we were dreaming of an increase in temperature of up to 3 degrees. However, Mike’s Garmin failed to get anywhere near that.

We pulled in at Rabbit Hill on the way back for a coffee and cake. We were pleased to find it open and that we could still sit outside under the canopy. I managed to record 57 miles for the ride. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the new year.

Graham Brake